Qualities Of A Health And Wellness Specialist By Paul Drago MD

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To be a successful health and wellness specialist, you need to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You need to understand what motivates people towards health and wellness, but also why some people aren’t as motivated.
Being able to relate is essENTial for connecting with your cliENTs and finding out what makes them tick so that you can help them achieve their goals. That said, there are also certain qualities that make up a successful health and wellness specialist.
A Natural Connector
They have the ability to connect with people, nature, their own inner voice and emotions, other people’s emotions, their own bodies and the bodies of others. A successful health and wellness specialist like Dr. Paul Drago understands that all beings are connected by an invisible energy force that we call life energy or chi.
This universal energy flows through all living things; it cannot be seen but can be felt as warmth or heat in your hands when you hold something precious like a newborn baby or when you hold hands with someone who means a lot to you. The more connected we are to this life force within ourselves and between ourselves and others the better we feel physically as well as emotionally because our whole being is healthier: mind body soul heart connection.
Is A Positive Person Who Focuses On The Positive
Many of the best health and wellness specialists have at least one thing in common and they are all extremely positive people. A successful health and wellness specialist focuses on what he or she can do to make things better, rather than focusing on how bad things are or have been in the past.
This means that instead of worrying about how much weight you’ve gained or that little extra belly fat around your middle, focus instead on eating healthy foods that will help reduce inflammation and therefore pain while providing energy for exercise. Paul Drago MD A successful health and wellness specialist also focuses on helping others improve their own lives through exercise, nutrition classes and counseling sessions which leads us right into our next point.

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