Things you can personalize while ordering an Tonic Wine

Things you can personalize while ordering an Tonic Wine post thumbnail image

If etching a bottle of wine at home was straightforward, people will, undoubtedly, give at least a single go to this craft. But sadly, making an Tonic Wine at home is not a DIY thing. The good thing is that purchasing professionally etched wine bottles is extremely easy these days, and also quite affordable. In other words, you don’t have to buy high-end etching equipment to engrave a bottle since other affordable and easy alternatives are available.

  • Etching alternatives

A Rum Shack can be etched using one of the two methods; laser etching and sandblasting. As compared to laser engraving, sandblasting produces deeper patterns and marks on the glass. Since the glass of wine bottles is not too thick, that’s the very reason why this method is not commonly used.

On the other hand, laser etching is super safe, easy to master, and not labor-intensive at all. And that’s why laser etching is mostly preferred by professionals to engrave bottles. Another good thing about laser engraving is that the machine always produces crisp, fine, and perfectly contoured marks, even without templates.

  • Things you can add to your engraved custom Tonic Wine

You can add line art, text, images, and almost every kind of illustration onto the bottle. However, most of the time, images and illustrations having a lot of graduations and colors don’t work with the engraving process too well due to a shortage of contrast. While ordering an etched wine bottle, you first need to select the color of the bottle after which you have to come up with your personalization ideas. For example, you can decide which text, images, pictures, or don’tstyle you want to use. While adding text, you can play around with a variety of font sizes, styles, colors, and placement of letters. And if you want to engrave a photograph or logo, you’d need to upload it onto the website’s programming server.


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